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Fattoria Pagnana

Regulations of the Agritourism and the B&B of Fattoria Pagnana, Agritourism in Tuscany

Good rules
Swimming pool

Open from May to September. Swimming-pool opening time 10:00 - 19:30, it is forbidden to use the pool after 19.30

Fattoria Pagnana spa disclaims any responsibility for non-compliance with these Regulations:

  • Diving is forbidden;
  • Running around the edge of the swimming-pool is forbidden;
  • Children under the age of 14 are forbidden to use the swimming-pool unless accompanied by an adult in charge;
  • It is forbidden to use glass in the pool area. We request you to use instead the coloured plastic glasses;
  • It is forbidden to swim in bad weather conditions;
  • It is forbidden to use soap in the swimming-pool or the pool shower;
  • It is forbidden to get in the water when the robot cleaner is in operation inside the swimming-pool;
  • It is recommended that one does not swim until at least 3 hours after eating a meal;
  • It’s obligatory to use wooden clogs or rubber slippers or flip-flops on barefoot paths;
  • It’s obligatory to wear a swimming cap before getting in the pool;
  • It’s obligatory to take a shower and wash one’s feet before getting in the pool (the shower is to be found at the edge of the garden)
  • These swimming-pools do not have a lifeguard;
  • For first aid there is exclusively a sun bed identified with a Red Cross next to the First Aid box; in the eventuality of necessity and emergency contact the numbers indicated above the box;
  • The sanitary services are those of your apartment;
  • The water of the swimming-pool system is checked daily according to the timing and requirements established by Law. The edges are cleaned and sanitised every day.
  • Respecting other guests, we ask you to:
    • leave the sun beds in order and close the umbrellas;
    • dispose of one’s own waste;
    • avoid using suncream or hair oil before getting in the pool;
    • avoid letting pointed or sharp objects from getting in the swimming-pool;
    • avoid leaving unattended items in the pool area for which we disclaim any responsibility.
    • Fattoria Pagnana spa disclaims any responsibility for any thefts or damages which may occur on the estate.

Good rules

Upon notification at the time of booking, we accept small animals that are friendly and well educated. We ask you to always use a lead when they are on the property respecting the other guests and immediately collect and dispose of any animal waste in the rubbish bins. We ask that you do not use the apartment’s plates or dishes for animals, if necessary you can ask for a bowl at Reception.The domestic pet should never be left alone and unattended in the apartment and also should not be taken to the edge of the swimming-pools. We ask that the pet carrier is used when our staff needs to access the apartment for cleaning or maintenance.The weekly cautionary deposit will be increased by € 100.00 which will be returned at the end of the stay following a check of the apartment. Additionally we require an extra € 10.00 for each animal for final cleaning.