vendemmiAMO Pagnana 2018

Now… do you want to know why everyone's chatting about vendemmiAMO PAGNANA?

We have arranged a short weekend for guests to experience what the real Harvest means nowadays: grape picking, cellars, tasting and all.


We call it vendemmiAMO PAGNANA. It is literally a play on the Italian words:


Vendemmiamo means Let's Grape Harvest

Amo meansI Love


A sort of WE LOVE Grape Harvesting at PAGNANA

21 - 22 - 23 September 2018 Fattoria Pagnana

You can download the detailed program with rates and conditions at the following link: vendemmiAMO PAGNANA

For bookings and extra info you may contact


See you soon,

Lucrezia and all the STAFF of Fattoria Pagnana

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vendemmiAMO Pagnana 2018vendemmiAMO Pagnana 2018vendemmiAMO Pagnana 2018vendemmiAMO Pagnana 2018