Pool Rules

In compliance with the regulations and for the safety of guests, here is the regulation of the Pools of Borgo and Loggiato accessible only to guests of the Agriturismo.

Rules covering the use of the swimming pool limited exclusively to the guests of Fattoria Pagnana

Pool size: 6 x 12 m

Pool depth: Min 1.2 m - Max 2.5 m


Contact number: +39 055 8305336

Emergency Number (accidents etc): 112

Pool opening times: 10:00 - 19:30

The use of the swimming pool is prohibited after 7.30 p.m.


Fattoria Pagnana spa does not assume any liability should the following Rules not be observed:

 - No diving;

- No running along the pool edge;

- No use of the pool by minors under the age of 14 unless under the supervision of an adult;

- No glass is allowed in the pool area. Please use the coloured plastic glasses provided in your apartment;

- No swimming during sever weather conditions;

- No use of soap, shampoo or shower gels in the pool or whilst using the pool shower;

- No swimming or even being in the water when the pool clearing robot is in use;

- We advise you not so swim until at least 3 hours after meals;

- It is obligatory to wear wooden clogs or rubber slip-ons in areas surrounding the pool;

- It is obligatory to wear a pool cap whilst in the pool;

- It is obligatory to shower and rinse one’s feet before entering the pool (a shower is near the pool)

- This pool does not have a life guard;

- In case of First Aid there is a dedicated deckbed (identifiable by the Red Cross) next to the First Aid box; in the case of any need contact the numbers appearing above;

- Toilet facilities are exclusively those of your apartment;

- The pool water is checked daily following the times and specific indications set out in the relevant law. The pool edge is cleaned and sanitized every day.


With due respect towards other guests, we ask you:

 - To leave the deckchairs/beds in order and to close up the umbrellas;

- To properly dispose of all waste etc;

- To avoid applying sun cream or hair oil before entering the pool;

- To avoid dropping or otherwise causing pointed or sharp objects to fall in the pool;

- To avoid leaving unattended items around the pool area for which we decline any responsibility.

- Fattoria Pagnana SpA declines any responsibility for any thefts or damages which may happen within the structure.

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