Covid-19 Protocol

In compliance with regulations and for the safety of guests, here is the Covid-19 Protocol for guests of Fattoria Pagnana.



In Tuscany it is obligatory to use a face mask only in closed locations, whereas outdoors only if it is not possible to keep a distance of at least 1 metre.

Supermarkets, pharmacies and shops and all public offices (such as banks, post offices etc.) are all operational and respect the above rule.

Museums are open and for security have restricted numbers of visitors. Reservations are recommended which, as always, can be made at Reception.

Restaurants prefer outdoor tables but are now well structured to welcome customers safely and distanced also indoors. Reservations are recommended which, as always, can be made at Reception.

To date, contagion in Tuscany is very low, close to zero, but we constantly monitor this data.

The Company undertakes to:

- Sanify the premises and furnishings with products with an alcohol base of 70% or other antiviral products

- Wash all linen at each standard change with Lavanderia Balloni srl, certified ISO 9001 and UNI EN 14065 RABC

- Make available to guests sanitizing gel at entry points to our premises

- Make available to guests protective masks upon request at € 0.50 (cost price)

- Retain your telephone number and email for the duration of the incubation period (14 days). Unless differently authorized, such data will be only used to limit possible contagion.

- Our staff is required to use protective masks whenever in the presence of guests and in all circumstance where at least 1 meter distancing is not possible.


Our guests must:

- Access the property without fever or other symptoms linked to sars-cov-2 / covid-19. Body temperature may be monitored, restricting access should temperature exceed > 37.5 °C.

- Guarantee the separation of at least 1.5 m between individuals not part of the same family or kin.

- Respect the instructions highlighted on the signs which you will find within the property.

- Ping-pong and tennis, five-a-side football and volleyball courts can only be used by one family at a time.

- Should you receive outside guests, report their presence and provide to management their name, surname, telephonic contact and email, which will be retained for the duration of the incubation period (14 days). Such data will only be used in order to limit possible contagion.

- In the case of symptoms of sars-cov-2 /covid-19 you must alert management which will activate the protocol according to the indications of the WHO.

- Should symptoms appear within 14 days from check-out, we strongly request you to promptly inform us via email to



In addition to the Swimming Pool Regulations of Fattoria Pagnana, we hereby request you to follow the following dispositions:

- The swimming pools are available only to the guests of the agritourism

- At any one time a maximum of 10 people may be in the pool

- It is obligatory to disinfect ones hands using the gel positioned near the pool

- Maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m between individuals not part of the same family or kin

- It is mandatory to place the apartment ID (delivered at check-in) on the selected deckchairs and not to remove it or change the deckchair for the duration of the stay

- It is compulsory to use one’s own towel to cover the sun bed as well as to avoid leaving unattended personal belongings in common areas

- Prior to accessing the pool, it is necessary to take a full body shower using soap; a swimming cap is obligatory; spitting is forbidden as well as blowing one’s nose and urinating in the pool; very young children should wear special protective diapers

- We suggest that parents/guardians take extra care with their kids, expecially regarding their distancing and hygiene, depending on their level of autonomy and age group

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Covid-19 ProtocolCovid-19 ProtocolCovid-19 ProtocolCovid-19 Protocol